Weatherby Mark V First Lite Review

Tuesday, September 10th 2019 10:58 AM

Weatherby Mark V rifles have received a makeover in the last few years, as evidenced in the new First Lite rifle. My long love affair with Weatherby rifles began decades ago, during a trip to the company’s old retail store in South Gate, California, to look over the store’s “blemish rack.” In those days, following nearly four years of overseas military service in some never-dull places, my tastes ran toward racy and aesthetically pleasing cars, rifles and members of the opposite sex, and I make no apologies for that. Regrettably, my tastes often exceeded my budget – hence my visit to the blemish rack, which displayed reduced-price guns with minor cosmetic blemishes. It wasn’t long before a rifle with a richly figured walnut stock, Monte Carlo comb, and rosewood forend tip and pistol-grip cap caught my eye. I could find no blemish on it, and my wallet came out so fast it was smoking.

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Firing the Taurus G3 9 mm Pistol

Wednesday, September 4th 2019 09:45 AM

The new Taurus G3 is a gun that fits into one of the most popular classes of defensive handgun, and that is the G19-sized pistol—big enough to be shot well but also still appropriate for daily carry. Fitted with a 4” barrel and weighing about 25 ozs. unloaded, the G3 is 7½” long while being just under 5¼” high with the standard 15-round-capacity flush fitting magazine—10 and an extended 17 rounders are available.

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Can You Use a .22LR For Self-Defense?

Friday, August 30th 2019 02:02 PM

Can the .22LR chambering be viable for self-defense? This article is built upon a great deal of careful thought and consideration from every angle I can think of, considering a lifetime of hunting and livestock-based experience and some brutal honesty. We should start with the guiding principle of concealed carry: The requirement of a CCW firearm is to stop an immediate and deadly threat. Whether that threat comes from man or beast, it must be presented enough force that it physically cannot continue to attack. At the absolute minimum, the threat must be hit hard enough that it doesn’t want to continue the attack. I posit that the .22LR is capable of performing this task, with one caveat: There is virtually no margin for error. Here’s how I came to that conclusion.

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Daniel Defense’s DDM4V11 Pro Reviewed

Thursday, August 29th 2019 01:03 PM

I recently developed an interest in getting into 3 gun competitive shooting and because this interest was developed spontaneously, naturally, I wanted to get started ASAP. This urgent drive led me to look for a rifle that I could pull off the shelf, slap an optic on and then take it to the range and compete with the best. In the end, the rifle that I picked for this role as being the highest quality without demanding the highest price was Daniel Defense’s DDM4V11 Pro.

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Walther Q5 Match SF – The New Iron Age

Tuesday, August 27th 2019 09:26 AM

Many will say that the invention of the wheel is the pivotal point in man’s history – others will claim that it is the invention of hand tools and portable weapons. Whichever argument you might tend to believe, one fact cannot be disputed – it wasn’t until those tools, weapons, and wheels were made of steel that mankind had taken a permanent leap forward in his ability to better adapt to his environment – and make that environment adapt to him.

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After a long, and for some absolutely excruciatingly painful wait, Colt is now offering a full-size King Cobra revolver chambered for .357 Magnum. The newest Cobra has a 4.25-inch barrel and they’re calling it the Target model.

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Times have changed when it comes to the topic of personal-defense handgun ammunition. It used to be that the only acceptable choices for fight-stopping firepower either started with a “4” or ended in “Magnum”—and sometimes both applied. As well, the adage “they all fall to hardball” used to ring true, and full-metal-jacketed bullets were long considered the most trustworthy fighting projectiles. Like I said, times have changed.

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Ruger’s New Bearcat Revolver – Review

Tuesday, August 20th 2019 11:50 AM

We were trundling along on a placid Honda Rancher when we saw the snake; slithering its sinister way across a dirt ranch road. Greenish in color, we recognized it as a Mohave rattlesnake, widely considered the most toxic and dangerous of all rattlers due to its neurotoxic venom and aggressive attitude. They’ve been known to attack people, and while this one was more bent on escaping than attacking it was too close to the ranch headquarters for comfort. So my 10-year-old son Josiah slicked out his little Ruger Bearcat and put a .22 bullet through its head. Well, almost. Had the snake possessed whiskers that lead would have trimmed ‘em. The snake turned, hesitated, and Josiah’s second bullet decapitated it. Not bad shooting for a youngster.

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Field Tested: Savage Model 10 Stealth Evolution Rifle

Thursday, August 15th 2019 03:44 PM

Throughout its history, Savage Arms of Westfield, Mass., has been able to identify new trends and pursuits among American rifle shooters, and build or adapt its platforms to meet the needs of its customers. The result has been accurate, reliable and thoughtfully designed firearms that offer real value to consumers thanks to their affordable price points.

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Review: Christensen Arms Traverse

Thursday, August 15th 2019 09:23 AM

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, an accomplishment grounded in a decade when the engineering envelope was being pushed as far as possible to make space flight possible. Since then, the materials and technologies used in the aerospace sector have continued to advance and expand into other industries.

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