Every new gun evaluation always seems to wind up focusing on one key element of the firearm. For some it’s the trigger, other times it might be aesthetics or accuracy. And although this is the first polymer-framed pistol that SIG has branded with their LEGION moniker, the moment I picked it up I knew what this story would be all about – it’s weight!

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The Elite LTT (Langdon Tactical Technology) was introduced by Beretta in 2018. In a brilliant move, Big Beretta let genius firearms trainer, Ernest Langdon, design a handgun. I don’t use the “G” word lightly. The Elite LTT is recognized in the highest Beretta Circles as the ultimate 92.

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8 Best Handguns New For This Year (2019)

Friday, July 12th 2019 01:39 PM

Champing at the bit for a top new heater? These are the 8 new handguns you should be craving to add to your gun safe.

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Review: CZ 457 Lux .22WMR

Friday, June 21st 2019 11:53 AM

The CZ 457, introduced just this year by CZ and CZ-USA, has big shoes to fill. It’s predecessors, the 455 and 452 series rimfires, were well made and generally well liked. The “Lux” line of CZ rimfires represent a rifle with a touch of elegance. They are distinguished by their checkered Monte Carlo shaped Turkish walnut stocks and adjustable iron sights. CZ was kind enough to afford TFB the opportunity to try this new rifle out in a .22WMR chambering.

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FN SCAR 20S Field Test

Wednesday, June 12th 2019 02:14 PM

If you show someone in the gun community a picture of any model of FN SCAR they will usually be able to identify it is a SCAR. These rifles have a distinctive look and a strong following. Last year FN released the newest member of the SCAR family, the FN SCAR 20S. As a civilian version of the USSOCOM MK20 SSR, the new rifle caused a stir right away. GunsAmerica did a quick review of the FN SCAR 20S at the 2019 SHOT Show. Recently I got my hands on one and was able to give it a work out. This article details how it performed and this writer’s opinion on this new SCAR family member.

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Ruger 77/44: A Masterful .44 Magnum Rifle

Tuesday, May 21st 2019 02:12 PM

Ruger’s bolt-action .44 Magnum Rifle, the 77/44, has all features to make it a modern-day classic. It’s hard to explain what makes a rifle so appealing, but there can be no doubt that esthetics are an important consideration when selections are made. To me, the quintessential favorites are the lever-action Winchester Model 94 and the bolt-action Model 70. However, any classic bolt-action model that is complete with sights mounted on the barrel is appealing. I have scopes on most of my rifles, but even so iron sights are a real plus for any rifle that I have to depend on in remote areas.

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Radian Model 1 – Ambi Magic

Monday, March 4th 2019 02:18 PM

Traditionally if you had a malfunction that couldn’t be fixed with Tap, Rack, Bang, say for example a double feed, it went something like this. Attempt to fire, weapon doesn’t fire, identify the malfunction (if you did or didn’t TRB), see you have a double feed, remove the magazine, take your hand off of fire control to grab the charging handle, move your left hand to the receiver to depress the bolt catch, pull the charging handle to the rear and lock it back, shove your hand in the mag well or ejection port to push the rounds free, possibly run the bolt with the charging handle a few times to remove a round in the chamber if needed, reinsert a magazine, charge the weapon and press on.

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Tested: Cimarron Model P Jr. Revolver

Tuesday, February 19th 2019 10:30 AM

Not long ago, in a part of town not too far away, I walked into a local gun shop to meet with the gunsmiths on staff. While waiting my turn, I noticed a somewhat unusual single-action revolver being handled by the staff. It caught my eye because of its size. It looked to be a scaled-down version of the typical Pre-War frame replicas I've seen chambered in big-bore cartridges like the .45 Colt. I asked if I could take a look, and the staff member kindly obliged....

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Kimber’s New EVO SP (CS) – SHOT Show 2019

Tuesday, January 22nd 2019 06:50 AM

Kimber Manufacturing is known for making firearms that are both high quality and good looking, and the new EVO SP fits both of those categories. There’s also a CS version which comes out of the Custom Shop. This 9mm pistol boasts a 7-round extended magazine which is interchangeable with the Micro 9, and there’s an 8-round mag coming soon. The magazine (not pictured) extends the grip and provides a positive grip for those with larger hands.

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Going the Distance with the New Performance Center T/C LRR

Saturday, December 8th 2018 03:08 PM

I was ready to rock ‘n roll earlier this month when I made my way to central Texas to try my hand at a 1000-yard target with the new Long-Range Rifle (LRR) from Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center and Thompson/Center. Advances in manufacturing have closed the gap between average consumers and long-range shooting, and out-of-the-box options like the LRR have put 1000+ yard targets within reach. Chassis rifles have become especially popular, and the Performance Center T/C’s new offering is a great choice. Feature-rich and well-made, the LRR promises excellent accuracy and total customizability. I hoped I could pull it out of the box and go the distance even in less-than-ideal long-range shooting conditions — I wasn’t disappointed.

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