There are a ton of different 22LR suppressors out there on the market, but all of them have one drawback due to the nature of the cartridge itself: they get extremely dirty. This is a problem of the past with OSS‘s new flow-through 22 caliber suppressor. Because of the unique design of the “Flow Baffle,” the expanding gasses are slowed and routed radially, between the outer tube and the core to then exit out of vent holes at the muzzle. This high-pressure flow carries with it a ton of lead and carbon into the open atmosphere, keeping the inside much cleaner than traditional cans.


For this review, I am using a KelTec CP33, a brace adapter (Rehv Arms and Farrowtech), and a Crimson Trace CTS-1000 red dot sight.

Braced and suppressed, the KelTec CP33 was the perfect suppressor host for this can.

Initial Impression

When initially examining the RAD22, I noticed just how much thought went into designing it. All of the lines of the suppressor are very clean and elegant, there are no tooling marks that are visible, and it is tiny. I popped this little can open by removing the end cap, and all of the internals slid out into my hand when I turned it over. The tolerance seemed to be extremely low between the outside diameter of the Flow Baffle and the inside diameter of the tube which maximizes the efficiency of this design. The suppressor has a fairly simple design which makes it extremely easy to put back together and rather idiot-proof.

Here, you can see one of the three vent holes on the muzzle end of the RAD22. This hole vents gasses forward, reducing the peak pressure inside of the suppressor and blowing lead and carbon through into the open atmosphere.

Hypothesis: The RAD22 will stay cleaner than traditional suppressors.

In theory, the RAD22 will stay cleaner than traditional suppressors because it allows all of the carbon and lead containing gasses to exit through the muzzle end. To test this, I have the perfect host gun: a KelTec CP33. I’ve shot this pistol a ton while it was suppressed utilizing a traditional baffle stack design. The biggest problem was caused by all of the excess blowback into the chamber creating a carbon buildup on the bolt face, and other mechanical interfaces which then rendered the gun unreliable after only a few hundred rounds. I did not experience this kind of problem when shooting un-suppressed, so I attributed this problem to the extra pressure that the suppressor supplied. On top of that, the filthy 22LR cartridge was filling up the can with lead and carbon, which decreased its efficiency and increased weight.

The blasts chamber spacer allows gasses to expand outward and run parallel to the bore, on the outside of the baffle stack.

Function Test

I expect the RAD22 to reduce the back-pressure and gasses coming back through the chamber when compared to normal cans because of the flow-through technology that OSS utilizes in their “Flow Baffle.” This leads me to believe that the gun will stay cleaner for longer because less lead and carbon will be blown back into action. On top of it all, because of my experience with OSS products in the past, I expect this can to sound phenomenal, being hearing safe at the ear and have low tone.


After my testing, I determined that my hypotheses were true: The can reduced back-pressure when compared to traditional cans, the sound was low toned and well within hearing safety. Disassembly after several hundred rounds was incredibly easy with the provided multi-tool and a screwdriver (for uncoupling the last two cone baffles.)

The RAD22 is threaded 1/2×28 and will fit most rimfires.

Final Verdict

After putting several hundred rounds through the RAD22, I can confidently say that there is reduced back-pressure on my semi-auto guns when compared to traditional suppressors. This keeps the gun itself cleaner, allowing it to cycle reliably. This technology also keeps the suppressor cleaner, which is very important in a 22lr suppressor because rimfire is notoriously dirty and suppressors designed for them are high maintenance. It is also very important to note that the RAD22 is full-auto rated for 5.7x28mm! With its tiny profile and light-weight coupled with its robustness, the RAD22 may be the best 22lr suppressor on the market in my opinion, and I would recommend one to anybody who is looking for a suppressor for their rimfires.

After the couple hundred rounds that I put through the RAD22, it was still very clean and easy to disassemble.


  • Rated for full-auto 5.7x28mm
  • 22 caliber
  • Flow Baffle technology
  • Titanium and heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel construction
  • lifetime warranty
  • 1/2×28 TPI
  • 115-119 dB on 22LR using CCI Standard Velocity ammo
  • 130-133 dB on 8″ CMMG 5.7mm rifle
  • 6.2 oz.
  • 5.57″ length
  • 1.08″ diameter
  • MSRP: $449.00
The RAD22 as seen when you open the box. Notice, a disassembly tool is included.